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Still amazed at Kevin Everett's recovery

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Still amazed at Kevin Everett's recovery - January 1, 2008 6:12:48 PM   


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Just happened to look him up online and saw this link. Wasn't able to watch the game he attended but it definitely got media attention. His recovery still amazes me and no doubt he will make fantastic gains. I would call him comeback athlete of the year thumbs up!

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RE: Still amazed at Kevin Everett's recovery - January 2, 2008 5:01:07 PM   


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Great article. Thanks for sharing it. It speaks to the advances in medicine, but more to the strength of character and determination of the individual. We have all seen pts who have potential and never realize it because they "give up". This one case is a shining example of the professionalism of his rehab team and of his inner strength.

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RE: Still amazed at Kevin Everett's recovery - January 27, 2008 3:06:15 PM   


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I found this article very interesting and it sheds new information on what was done on. This was taken from the NY Science Times put out on January 15, 2008. Definitely worth reading. See below

"Much Hype in Player?s Treatment, Doctors Say By ALAN SCHWARZ

Published: January 15, 2008
For all the images of athletes running and jumping in 2007, the sight of Kevin Everett merely walking was one of the most newsworthy.

PROMISING STEPS Kevin Everett with his fiancée, Wiande Moore.

A 25-year-old tight end for the Buffalo Bills, Everett was paralyzed from the shoulders down in September while making a tackle in the first game of the season. Some doctors predicted he would never walk again.
But after he took his first tentative steps, first with a walker and then without one, his recovery was hailed as a medical miracle. The news media quickly credited a treatment, induced hypothermia, in which the body temperature is lowered 6 to 8 degrees to prevent spinal-cord tissue from dying.
?There?s a chance he could actually walk again, thanks to an innovative treatment,? Katie Couric said on CBS News. Sports Illustrated put the case on its cover, and newspapers carried headlines like ?Big Chill May Save Football Player From Paralysis.?
Some doctors, including Everett?s supervising physician, say such accounts misrepresent the role of hypothermia in a way that could be dangerous to future patients.
Dr. Kevin Gibbons, the neurosurgeon who oversaw Everett?s care at Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital in Buffalo, called much of the hypothermia publicity an ?urban legend.?
Dr. Gibbons and other physicians noted that the treatment was far from proved as a response to spinal injuries and that it was known to increase the risk of heart arrhythmia, blood clotting and infection.
?We are dealing here with a series with one patient in it, Kevin Everett,? said Dr. Edward Benzel, chairman of neurosurgery and the director of the Center for Spine Health at the Cleveland Clinic. ?The way that the success here has been portrayed is misleading and potentially harmful.?
In the ambulance after he was carried off the field, Everett was injected with cooling saline solution. The next morning in the hospital, he received intravenous hypothermia to reduce his body temperature to 92 degrees.
Dr. Gibbons said the injection in the ambulance barely lowered the body temperature at all. By the time of the second treatment, Everett had regained slight movement in the legs and ankles.
Dr. Gibbons said the hypothermia was administered mainly because the body temperature, 99 degrees and rising, was putting Everett?s improvement at risk.
?We don?t know if hypothermia?s good, but we all know that fevers are terrible for people with neurological injury,? Dr. Gibbons said. ?They accentuate the damage to a tremendous degree. The key thing is that he was getting better before we effectively cooled him.?
Dr. Barth A. Green, a leading advocate of hypothermia, urged caution in drawing lessons from the case. Dr. Green, a neurosurgeon who is president of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, was quoted on in an article that drew a direct link between Everett?s treatment and his recovery. In an interview last week, Dr. Green said that he did not know all the facts in the case when he commented. ?There?s no scientific evidence that it helps anything right now except cardiac arrest,? he said. ?We?re doing a controlled, prospective study right now to see if there is a demonstrable effect. The beautiful thing about Kevin Everett is not just that he recovered, but now there?s a catalyst to move this forward quickly.
?I?ve gotten calls from people in Mississippi saying, ?My son just got injured, and how can he get cooled?? This whole thing got a life of his own.?
Dr. Gibbons and others said they feared that the publicity surrounding Everett?s case would lead emergency medical workers to induce hypothermia for spinal-cord injuries when its benefits remained debatable.
Dr. Joseph Maroon, neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers, said that after Everett?s injury he decided to keep iced saline on the sideline in case a Steeler was paralyzed on the field. But after learning the details of Everett?s treatment, Dr. Maroon said, he removed the saline for the recent playoff game against Jacksonville.
?Our impression was the same as that of lay public ? that hypothermia was very helpful,? Dr. Maroon said. ?Now that I have the facts, we?re going to manage spinal cord injuries as we always have.?
Lawyers have already cited Everett?s treatment as relevant to other people?s potential litigation. A blog entry published in September by Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie, a law firm in Newport Beach, Calif., put it this way: ?The immediate choices that these doctors make can determine whether a patient dies, lives or ever walks again. Clients with spinal injuries look to their attorneys to stay on top of the latest and best innovation for recovery.?
Dr. Benzel, of the Cleveland Clinic, bristles at such assertions.
?It now appears criminal to not employ, urgently, hypothermia for the care of spinal-cord injuries,? he said. ?But in reality, it is not substantiated by truth. We should demand, and the public should demand we demand, research that substantiates safe and effective treatment before we embark on it.?

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RE: Still amazed at Kevin Everett's recovery - February 2, 2008 1:31:27 AM   


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Here's another update on Kevin Everett. Read article in,0,6905993.story

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RE: Still amazed at Kevin Everett's recovery - March 17, 2008 12:25:46 AM   


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From: NY
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Another update on Kevin's remarkable recovery:

"Kevin Everett, upbeat and robust, says his recovery is ?God?s doing?
By Mark Gaughan -- News Sports Reporter
Updated: 02/28/08 9:29 AM

Kevin Everett and his fiancee, Wiande Moore, both cite his perseverance in the face of a catastrophic spinal cord injury he suffered on the football field last September." href="" rel=lightbox[group]>
James P. McCoy/Buffalo News
Kevin Everett and his fiancee, Wiande Moore, both cite his perseverance in the face of a catastrophic spinal cord injury he suffered on the football field last September.
Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett was asked Wednesday how much weight he could lift on a bench press. ?I did like 315 pounds the other day,? Everett responded without the slightest expression on his face. After the four people in the room with him lifted their jaws off the floor, Everett broke into a big laugh. ?No, I?m just kidding,? Everett said. ?I just get light weights and work on fine-tuning myself.?
It?s a sign of Everett?s remarkable recovery that he can crack such a joke about his conditioning.
Everett continues to make great progress from the catastrophic spinal cord injury he suffered six months ago on the turf of Ralph Wilson Stadium. He looks fantastic, carrying 240 pounds on his 6-foot-4 inch frame. He says he feels great. He now can walk continuously on a treadmill for 1z to 2 miles.
?I want to let people know that through the blessings of God, anything can happen,? Everett said in an interview with The Buffalo News.
Everett came to town to promote his new book, ?Standing Tall: The Kevin Everett Story.? He will appear for a book signing at 7 tonight at the Barnes & Noble store, 1565 Niagara Falls Blvd. in Amherst.
?The main reason for me doing the book is I want to inspire a lot of people and let them know there?s hope, no matter how difficult the situation is,? Everett said. ?Just have faith in God and believe.?
The last several weeks have been a whirlwind for Everett. He appeared on ?The Oprah Winfrey Show? in late January. He attended the Super Bowl with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Feb. 3, and he has been traveling on a book tour with his fiancee, Wiande Moore. The two are going to be married in April. They?re keeping the exact date and location secret.
?People write to me, and they just say, ?It?s a miracle. How did you do it?? ? Everett said. ?I just say, ?It?s God?s doing, not mine.? ?
Everett says he never totally lost faith that he would walk again, even in the terrifying days immediately after he suffered a fracture dislocation in his neck and a severe spinal cord injury while making a tackle in the Bills game against the Denver Broncos on Sept. 9.
?That?s just me, man,? he said. ?I don?t give up, no matter what it is I?m doing. I give it my all, and I?m always positive. I don?t try to be negative about nothing.?
Everett had limited movement in his body three days after the accident, and he was transferred to Houston?s Memorial Hermann Hospital 12 days after it happened.
?I had no doubt Kevin would walk again and get better, just because of how I know him,? said Moore. ?Knowing Kevin, he never gives up, and I knew this wouldn?t stop him from getting up and doing what he normally does.?
The first day Everett actually walked with assistance, in late October, is a moment Everett and Moore never will forget.
?It was amazing,? Moore said. ?We started crying tears of joy. It was truly a blessing to see him walking again.?
?I was using a walker they adjusted to my height,? Everett said. ?It had wheels on the bottom. I had to focus really hard. It was physical, but it was more mental than it was physical. I had to really just think about moving one leg and moving the other and controlling my core [midsection] and keeping stable. I went about 30 feet.?
Everett said he goes to Memorial Hermann?s rehabilitation center three times a week for three hours a day to receive therapy. He said he walks on a treadmill for about 20 to 25 minutes at a time.
?It?s like a normal workout of anyone else,? he said. ?They?re just retraining my muscles, retraining everything. Now I?m at a stage where I?m working on my endurance and building up my physical levels.?
Everett walks without any apparent sign of difficulty, but he?s not ready to try running, and balance can be a challenge while exercising. The biggest physical challenge he faces is with the dexterity of his hands.
He can again brush his hair, use utensils and hold a glass. But he still has numbness in his hands and it?s difficult to tell how hard he is gripping things.
?Due to the level of my injury it affected my arms and hands the most, more than any other part of the body,? Everett said. ?When I?m picking up something, I can drop it. That?s going to take awhile to come back. . . . It may take a year or two or three to come back. It may never change. I?m getting better at it, but it?s not there.?
Everett said he is overwhelmed by the response he has received from Bills fans and from people all over the world. He said his garage is filled with bags of letters he has received.
?It will take a couple of years to get through it all,? he said. ?I never thought in a million years that many people would reach out to me. They did, and I?m here to tell you it helped me out a lot ? all the cards and e-mails and messages.?
Everett takes just as much strength from the other patients with spinal cord injuries he has met in the hospital and the rehab clinic.
?They say I inspire them, but they don?t know how much they inspire me,? Everett said. ?They work so hard every day. A lot of people, their situation is totally different. They may never walk again. But just to see the good attitude they have and the positive attitude they have on life, it sends chills up your spine just to see that people are still happy, knowing the fact they?ll never be the same as they were before their accident. People come in every day who have been in car accidents or have fallen off ladders. You get the opportunity to talk to them and it inspires me.?
Everett doesn?t know exactly what the future holds for him. He may want to open a restaurant some day. He may want to get into football coaching, but not any time soon. He seems to sense he has an opportunity to impact people?s lives.
?That?s later on down the line,? he said of coaching. ?I need to get myself established in something else. God is telling me it?s time to hang up the football for awhile and focus on something else. I?m getting different opportunities every day. So many people call and want me to make appearances. I?m just praying about it and trying to make the best decision I can.?


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RE: Still amazed at Kevin Everett's recovery - March 17, 2008 8:23:43 PM   


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Seeing him walk into the Buffalo locker room on his own with the towel over his head still gives me goosebumps.  I don't think people fully appreciate how remarkable his recovery has been.  I was looking through his book at Chapter's and there are some great pics and acknowledgements of his PT and OT.


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RE: Still amazed at Kevin Everett's recovery - April 10, 2008 7:40:11 PM   


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Here is another update on Kevin Everett:

"Bills tight end Everett has minor surgery to relieve neck pain
1 day ago
BUFFALO, N.Y. ? Kevin Everett is recovering after having minor surgery this week to relieve pain in his neck, which was related to the severe spinal cord injury that nearly left the Buffalo Bills tight end paralyzed last September.
"He's doing OK," Eric Armstead said Wednesday. Armstead is an attorney and associate of Everett's agent, Brian Overstreet.
The operation, performed at a Buffalo hospital, was initially scheduled for Tuesday, but pushed up to Monday, forcing Everett to cancel an appearance at a news conference. Everett was in town to announce a golf tournament and tailgate party scheduled for early July to benefit his newly established foundation to advance spinal cord injury research.
Everett was initially paralyzed from the neck down while attempting to make a tackle in the Bills' season opener Sept. 9. He is now walking on his own since being released from a Houston rehabilitation facility in November.
Orthopedic surgeon Andrew Cappuccino, who has treated Everett since he was hurt, performed the most recent surgery. He termed the latest operation as a "a very minor procedure," in an interview with Buffalo's WIVB-TV.
"Over the course of the last few months, the parts below his injured area, just one level, became loose and needed a very minor procedure to shore them up, to make them stable so he wouldn't have neck pain," Cappuccino said.
Cappuccino did not immediately return messages left for him by The Associated Press"


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RE: Still amazed at Kevin Everett's recovery - April 11, 2008 5:54:29 PM   


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  Sounds like adjacent segment dysfunction that needed to be fused.  Thats not minor.

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