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Kevinv93 -> Independent Contractor (July 22, 2020 9:59:52 PM)


I am looking for individuals who work as an independent contractor in the therapy world. I am a new grad PT who has now worked 4 contracts and (even before COVID-19) I have come to realize that no recruiter (to this point) shares the same drive or ability to land contracts better than myself (not to toot my own horn, lol). The last 2 contracts I was able to find completely on my own while multiple recruiters would say "good luck" or "you won't find a contract in that city" and then I would just hand the opportunity to a recruiter so that I had a company to draw up the contract and allow me to work. I know there is overhead (insurances, licenses etc.) but I feel if I could learn the basic ins and outs I'd be much better off marketing myself and drawing up my own contracts than having to rely on other recruiters, who have 10s of other therapists to also worry about.

I'd love to hear any experiences of those who are independent contractors out there!
Thank you and be safe,

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