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drew64 -> How much time should we spend with our patients (May 18, 2018 6:09:37 AM)

I recently took a job with a large corporate owed PT practice. In my area not very many small private practices left. We see a patient every half hour and get only half hour for evaluation. I’ve never been one to give patients a ton of exercises just to meet numbers. I educate patient and come up with what I feel is the best plan for them. As a company they run reports and I was told I bill the least amount as a therapist. I went back to look at my treatment plans and compared them to some other therapists plans on similar diagnosis. What I saw was a lot of exercises that to me were being done still 4 weeks into a plan that I don’t consider skilled. Heel slides or quad sets on a post op meniscus that has good ROM and is doing higher end exercises. I would have discharged those from the plan. I can get a good treatment done in 40- 45 smincludes the patients exercises, manual therapy and education. My patients aren’t in the clinic for an hour and a half. To me more isn’t always a sign of quality care. They feel if I don’t give an hour or a little more then I must not be giving quality care. Just wanted to see what others in out patient practices are billing. I know it’s a busine amd you have to keep the lights on but just adding exercises on to increase units to me is not correct. I can justify all my plans amd do in my notes.

Tom Reeves DPT ATC -> RE: How much time should we spend with our patients (May 21, 2018 8:26:27 AM)

you are doing it right. If its not skilled and billed as such, it is fraud. You spend as much time with your patients as you need to. no more.

CardioFlex Therapy -> RE: How much time should we spend with our patients (June 6, 2018 11:25:36 PM)

I always tell patients about an hour to hour and 15 minutes. Sometimes patients can be there an hour and a half if it’s an unusual rehab like an ACL repair or a high level athlete getting ready to go back into competition. You don’t want to short patients their treatment time because it really decreases your value as a therapist and cause them to quit therapy. However, if the treatments are too long then it can also become a deterrent because patients don’t want to spend too much time of their day in therapy.

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