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JessPT99 -> Injured PT....any suggestions (July 19, 2017 11:08:48 PM)

I have been a PT for 17 years and last year tore my right wrist TFCC catching a patient that was falling. I had a central tear that was over debrided by the surgeon causing a complete rupture. I have since had 2 more surgeries. I am working hard to regain the use of my right hand but know that I will always have limitations. I miss therapy so much that it hurts. I am wondering if anyone out there has ever seen a PT have a personal aide with them at all times in a situation like mine. My husband is very unhappy with his profession and I am willing to live on one income for a while if he could join me as my personal aide on a volunteer type basis with no compensation for him. I currently do home health and would like to continue in this setting. I think it would be helpful in many ways to have another set of hands available at all times. Just looking for thoughts or to see if anyone has ever seen anything like this before. I am desperate to return to my career. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

CardioFlex Therapy -> RE: Injured PT....any suggestions (April 12, 2018 6:59:16 AM)

Yes anything is possible, but I doubt he wants to work for free. I would get some student volunteers for free and let your husband keep
his job for the income.

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