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drew64 -> Referral to another practice (May 12, 2017 8:28:32 PM)

I had a patient I evaluated who was 8 months pregnant with a pubic symphysis issue. Severe pain upon adduction. Could not get comfortable at all. After performing the eval I did not feel comfortable treating this type of injury because I felt did not have the experience doing it. I referred her to a facility that specifically works with women health issues like this. The next day my boss calls asking me why I referred a patient away from our facility when this could have easily been treated. He called it a simple orthopedic issue. I didn't see it that way and did what I felt was best for the patient not his business. I have no problem referring out to a therapist who may have more experience with a specific condition such as this. I do more orthopedic like back , hips, knees and shlds. Was I wrong in doing this?

ginger -> RE: Referral to another practice (May 13, 2017 9:26:29 PM)

Your boss is right, ask one of your in house colleagues first. Discuss the problem, learn something about it, think outside the square, or in this case, the pelvis.

CardioFlex Therapy -> RE: Referral to another practice (April 12, 2018 6:43:27 AM)

You were wrong in referring the patient out, but she might feel more comfortable with another woman treating her. If you don't have a female therapist for her, then she'd have to agree to being treated by a male therapist. Anytime you purposely lose business then you have to discuss that with the owner or manager, because it's really their decision in the end.

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