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AMich -> Bilateral Hip Pain (July 6, 2016 9:58:27 AM)

Just looking for some ideas for treatment / things to evaluate
Patient has insidious onset of bilateral hip pain. Pain is severe, in area of greater trochanter and ITB, although only to mid-thigh. Patient also developed drop foot on right, with ankle pain on right. This was three weeks ago, and since this time patient has had course of corticosteroids, which improved symptoms but did not eliminate them. Drop foot is slowly improving and pain intensity is improving, but still present. Worse in the mornings and after sitting. Worse with sit to/from stand transitions. Pain-free when sitting and static standing. Pain with hip IR/ER in supine and standing but not prone. No low back pain, symptoms do not change with lumbar or sacral ROM or palpation. Tender to palpation bilateral lateral hips.
MRI and xray to lumbar spine, hips, and sacrum unremarkable.
Any ideas as to pathology or treatment?
Have tried hip, lumbar, and sacral mobilizations, SI compression, distraction, and hip stabilization without symptom modification.
Patient works a manual labor job.

ginger -> RE: Bilateral Hip Pain (July 27, 2016 12:08:17 AM)

piriformis synd.

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