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SarahH -> How do you convert hourly to salary? (August 22, 2015 11:24:21 AM)

Last year I was converted from an hourly wage to salary. This year at my review, I brought up that my takehome pay for the last year wasn't quite what I expected, it seemed a little short from what I thought I would be getting. My boss told me that my salary was based on 36 hours a week. I thought salary was based on 40 hours a week, and I definitely was on the job for at least 40 hours a week including admin time.

Is this a standard way to calculate salary? I know that my boss was focusing on my productivity and time with patients, but I thought a salary model wasn't dependant on those exact hours, rather my productivity numbers and patient goals would reflect that.

So let's say my hourly wage had been $10 (which it wasn't, just using that number for discussion). When he said let's convert you to salary, I thought for example that I'd be making $20,800 a year (=$10 x 40 hours a week x 52 weeks a year) but instead he paid me $18,720 (=$10 x 36 hours x 52 weeks). So I feel like instead of making the equivalent of a $10 per hour yearly salary, I was in fact making $9 per hour.

What's standard practice for paying PTs salary?

jojo -> RE: How do you convert hourly to salary? (November 21, 2017 1:30:16 PM)


Unfortunately when it comes to counting hours, it all comes down to the organization's ethics and culture.

In today's age, nobody should be dependent on a single source of income and find a way to get freelance work. There might be a way to do that through a good online platform that registers PTs.

All the best!

CardioFlex Therapy -> RE: How do you convert hourly to salary? (April 11, 2018 5:18:58 AM)

Yes that sounds about right. When employers switch to salary they are usually looking to save money, not to spend more.

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