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ginger -> gym music (January 27, 2015 7:24:34 PM)

I have an issue with music played in gymnasia. The most common is, to my taste , the most annoying, loud pop/rock. I have had conversations with both gym managers and users and I find a lot of reluctance to explore musical genres other than the kind which saps the desire to live. Personally I would prefer no music at all.
I do notice that at least half of those who use my gym, go in with ears filled with speaker plugs from ipods and the like, and when I ask, they are of similar opinion to me about the music played, although perhaps not as tortured by it as I am. I have no tolerance to pop/rock at all.
What do other users think of their gym's musical offerings.

VagusX -> RE: gym music (January 5, 2016 8:49:33 PM)

I play classic rock on Pandora in my clinic. They have a nice algorithm. I get patient's complimenting the music offerings. I used to run a public gym that was attached to my clinic and I played the easy listening radio station. It was mostly inhabited by grey hairs so being on the safe side was best. If I'm at a gym I wear earphones. I have been to a few gyms that had a wide array of generations and remember hearing Rage against the machine killing in the name of <----- click me

CardioFlex Therapy -> RE: gym music (April 17, 2018 11:31:36 PM)

It depends on the gym but many facilities play bad music. You should get some noise cancelling wifi headphones. Bose makes the best ones. Then get the Pandora app for your smart phone, and try out different stations. A good station that we play at work is called Arabica, which has great drums and instrumentals without any words. This is a great solution so you can control your own music while working out at the gym.

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