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SBauer -> Gullain Barre and NMES (March 11, 2013 9:41:07 PM)


I currently have a pt in his late 60s-early 70s being seen in the outpatient orthopedic setting with an onset of GBS 1.5-2 yrs ago. He was non-responsive and ventilated for seven months. At this point, pt presents with LE weakness and 0/5 MMT of ankle dorsiflexors. His chief complaint is foot drop impairing normal gait and his use of AFOs for community ambulation. What are the chances he will see return in recruitment of active ankle dorsiflexion? Is NMES a viable option to initiate mm contraction in a pt with GBS and 0/5 MMT at this stage (either to hasten neuromuscular return or prevent atrophy)?



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