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The second revised and expanded version of the book "Shoulder Pain? The Solution and Prevention" will be available in a few weeks, or late February 2011. The second edition is in full color to better appreciate the anatomy and contains considerably more information.

The Shoulder Research Institute is conducting an international multicenter study to evaluate the results of the Institute's exercise program.

You may receive the free Institute's study protocol documents at:

Simply request: "Send Study Protocols"

You will receive the study instruction pdf file that contains some of the info from the second edition; an MS Word "results" page that you may use to enter the study, and another MS Word "release" form to sign and keep for you own records. We ask that you use your real name to allow the institute to list the subjects alphabetically rather than just a number as the numbers will become redundant.

BTW: the results of the Institute's shoulder exercise program continues to be extremely effective in resolving shoulder pain problems for most of those who adopt the program.

The nonprofit "Kirsch Institute for Shoulder Research" will open its doors on February 28 in Stevens Point WI. Individuals who apply for the free 1 hour session will receive a brief shoulder history/exam, an A/V presentation and demonstration of the Institute's exercise program. They will be entered for the 3 month follow-up for the institute's ongoing study.

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