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adriannna -> toe walker+calcaneal valgus+genu varum (August 11, 2009 7:53:47 AM)

My 3years son is toe walking.No neurological problems, maybe idiopathic.By the time he developed calcaneal valgus, flat foot and genu varum.Honestly I dont dont know which is the cause and wich is the effect.He is very active.He was not toe walking all the time, he started this maybe around age 1,5.We dont know what therapy should choose.
Thank you

supender -> RE: toe walker+calcaneal valgus+genu varum (January 8, 2010 3:50:30 PM)

Idipathic toe walking is poorly understood condition with little research available on it. Basically we hardly know anything about it. I am a PT who was an idiopathic toe walker as a kid,my only sibling was an idiopathic walker, so is  his 5 yr old son and my 3 yr old daughter. So my first conclusion is  it is congenital, some people inherit the gene and some don't. Only a few kids presnt with gasto-soleus tightness and require stretching, most walk on toes , even thought they have don't have any tightness. It is important to rule out mild form of CP. Diferential diagnostic EMG tests are rarely used but have been shown to be reliable. Idipathic toe walkers most effective treatment is nagging by parents" walk on your heel".  It worked for me and if any gastro-tightnes, frequent stretching. There has been some recent attempts to classify it as a sensory integration disorder. There was a paper present in the 5th international foot ankle  conference in 2009. I suspect it might be true . I was told by my brother he would often walk on toes even during his adulthood, when he was not paying attention until he got corrective lenses for his astagmitisim. Quite remarkably his toe walking stopped after he got new glasses a few years back. Summing up, gasto-soleus stretching, nagging, SI therapy and eye examination might work for your son. 

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