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shahpt -> Equipment cost (May 12, 2009 8:08:22 PM)

Hi all,

I'm planning to open up a private practice of my own. I want to first thank you all for helping me out to put the steps required to start a new bussiness.
I was wondering if anyone knows about the least equipments that we need when we start the practice, where to buy them and how much do they cost. I'm in NYS. it will be of great help to know any vendors with whom I can buy the equipments from.


shahpt -> RE: Equipment cost (May 28, 2009 2:23:49 AM)

what? no body knows what equipments are required to start the private practice? no body knows how much it costs? common guys help me here please. hope to see some replies.

SJBird55 -> RE: Equipment cost (May 28, 2009 2:30:15 AM)

shah... come on... every business is different.  The equipment needed will be based on the population of patients you treat!

I'm thinking you need to sit back and do a ton of homework if you want to be successful!  You need to create a business plan.  You need to know your vision.  Once you know that, then you can worry about the details.

tnt -> RE: Equipment cost (May 28, 2009 3:54:16 AM)

Please don't take offense to this, but in reading some of your recent posts you seem grossly under-prepared for what can be a significantly difficult task of starting your own PT business.  I am all for PT's going in to practice for themselves, thus reclaiming our profession, but it pains me to see someone start and fail, especially due to lack of preparation.  At a MINIMUM, you should already be a member of the PPS of APTA.  They have fantastic resources available, which should be studied diligently even BEFORE you make the decision to take the jump.  For example: should be studied so you can have a minimum appreciation for the monumental task at hand.  Remember, a large number of failed private practices can attribute their demise to lack of preparedness and not "looking before the leap".
I want us all to have the option for opening our own business and I want everyone who does to succeed.  Please do some research and "due diligence" before you get in too deep.

Sebastian Asselbergs -> RE: Equipment cost (May 28, 2009 12:10:05 PM)

Both replies are very appropriate.
To expand on what SJ said: I have worked in this city for 23 years, and have been in a clinic with every toy and fitness equipment you can imagine ($160,000 worth!!! - in 1986!!), and am now in a clinic with  a dusty US, an antique IFC, a traction unit, PT-balls, needles, tubing, 2 very good electric tables, two plinths, tape of all kinds, and ice and hot packs. Less than $20,000 I'd say.
Difference between the clinics? In the first one, we were a "team" with MTs, ATs, PTs and aides (no official PTAs in those days). In the present clinic - there's me and an MT who rents space in my clinic. The population has changed in my practice - from all levels of athletes and ortho, to many more persistent pain conditions, spine, some sports injuries, and most of all - doing patient assessments and consultations about anything NMSK. 

Small Hydrocollator: $450.00
Tape supply: $120.00
Two good tables: $4200.00
Table wedges: $200.00
Tubing supply: $200.00

etc etc etc

Good front desk staff/office manager, and a good PT brain and hands: priceless.....

shahpt -> RE: Equipment cost (May 30, 2009 10:03:47 PM)

Thankyou all for replying. I did not take any of your comments offensive. Thanks for helping me to realise my weakness and showing me how to turn it into the strength. I'm definately going to start my own private practice but I promise to prepare myself throughly before taking any step forward. Once I have done my homework and is ready I will post in this forum and I'm sure that you guys will help me in the final step by suggesting any improvement thus required.
Thankyou all again.

ehanso -> RE: Equipment cost (May 31, 2009 4:03:17 AM)

Most communities have a Small Business Development Center that is available to help small business development including developing a business plan, helping cut thru the regulations and red tape to get access to money and many have connections with college marketing professors so a market survey can be conducted at no expense to the prospective business. Look into these resources. Also there is a non-profit organization Service Corp of Retired Executives (SCORE) that is available in some areas to lend a free hand to assist with business development. Do your home work and take advantage of the expertise that is out there.

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