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jma -> The baseball steroid report (December 15, 2007 12:33:27 AM)

Now that the baseball steroid report is out, whats you take on it? Personally, I think they need to work down the ladder because this didn't just start from the professiona level first but from the high school/collegiate level. Thoughts?

Shill -> RE: The baseball steroid report (December 17, 2007 6:45:41 PM)

If anyone thinks that it is only baseball that has a problem, they are sorely mistaken.  ALL levels of ALL sports need to do onsite random testing regularly, positive testing means the athlete is finished.  Also, there should be a study or two (million) done on the potential/capability of the human body to grow large, run fast, etc, in the absence of illegal chemicals.  What is a realistic size/weight/shape/speed that one could attain without cheating?  IS this even plausible, given genetic variation?

As far as I am concerned, with baseball, they should fix the now.  What's done is done, nearly impossible to prove. Fix the future.

USAPT -> RE: The baseball steroid report (December 19, 2007 6:15:32 PM)

   There are reports of junior high athletes taking steriods. The size of these athletes today is amazing and most lay people see it as "hard training" but then wonder why they die suddenly on the court or on the field at 20yrs old.
  Is it that coaches need to be more scrutinized for the demanding 'involvement' with their athletes or is it that parents of these young kids need to pay more attention? I see both as I stand on the sidelines friday nights.

Just some added thoughts   

jma -> RE: The baseball steroid report (December 20, 2007 2:21:52 AM)

Agree with that 100%.

ehanso -> RE: The baseball steroid report (December 20, 2007 5:30:41 PM)

I think it comes down to a few of basic issues. Our society worships athletes and looks down on people who are successful in other walks of life. People want something for nothing and are not willing to do the basics like long term hard work to reach their goals. They want a short cut. We have to realize that athletes who make it to the big Show in any sport are physiologially different. They have reflexes, speed and endurance that are different than the average person. Parents are re-living their lives through their children and will turn a blind eye or at least not ask questions when their kids start to bulk up. IMO it will take a couple of generations to move beyond this.

Shill -> RE: The baseball steroid report (December 20, 2007 6:56:50 PM)

What you describe is the instant gratification factor in society.  I can actually see things getting worse, not better, given the advances in technology. 
I truly think that a no-second-chance rule would be a deterrant.  However, the judging agency would have to be quite clear on what constitutes a violation of the substance abuce policy.  Banned substances and testing procedures would also need to be strictly outlined, and infallible.  Innocent until proven guilty should still have to mean something too.  Polygraphs should be used for this.

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