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ruralPT -> Downs Syndrome (September 19, 2007 8:31:25 PM)

I am seeing a family who's son has Downs syndrome and is 3 months old.  They saw a "specialist" who told them (per Mom report):  Your son's head is small and his tongue is big, have your physical therapist give you some exercises to make his head grow.  ANY IDEAS????


SiobhanPT -> RE: Downs Syndrome (April 25, 2008 2:55:04 AM)

That is clearly a bizarre suggestion from the doc! How are things going now? Do you have any questions about activities now?

ruralPT -> RE: Downs Syndrome (May 19, 2008 8:35:15 PM)

Mom never pushed the issue about the face growing exercises; I had told her to speak with the speech therapist. [;)]  He is doing well; he will be a year old next month.  He is army crawling and transitioning to sitting from prone.  He is also sitting independently and can stand at a support surface well, but can't control the decent.  My problem that I always run into is parents wanting their child with Downs syndrome to be "age appropriate" in their gross motor skills.  I always try to be honest about the delays and how PT is trying to avoid some common compensation strategies and teach the parents, but won't really get their child to age appropriate level.  My source for average gross motor skills in children with Downs syndrome lists walking at 2 years, yet around the one year mark parents start getting more pushy about getting their child to walk.  They want me to "fix" the child and always think the child needs more PT than they actually do. 

Any ideas?  I always think I am being clear up front, but obviously I am not.

estherderu -> RE: Downs Syndrome (June 7, 2008 4:54:00 PM)

dear ruralPT,

I would suggest you read Peter lauterslagers theses.

P[image][/image]eter Lauteslager
Children with Down's Syndrome: Motor Development and Intervention
Amersfoort (NL): 's Heeren Loo Zorggroep (serie Monografie Nr 22)
This is an English translation of the dissertation (2000) 'Kinderen met het syndroom van Down: motorische ontwikkeling en behandeling'. The motor development of young children with Down's syndrome is typified by specific problems. The limitations that occur in their motor behaviour are described and interpreted in the theoretical construct 'Disturbances in the system of postural control'. On the basis of this construct, the measuring instrument 'Basic Motor Skills of Children with Down's Syndrome' and the treatment framework 'Physiotherapy for young children with Down's syndrome' has been developed. Both the measuring instrument and the treatment framework are included in this study as appendices. The study reports the psychometric research of the motor test and research into the effectiveness of the physiotherapeutic treatment.

A  book review was published in the New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy date 11-01-2005 author Michelle Fowler.
the book is available from peter.
Hope this is of some help

Esther de Ru

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