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cnelligan -> Giri??? (January 11, 2006 8:38:00 PM)

My East Coast born and bred husband is one of those people who doesn't know a stranger. We were at a wedding in San Diego a few years ago, seated at a table of 8 guests of the bride and groom I had never set eyes on before. Before the salad was finished he had found a common link of a Jersey Shore table mate who's brother had played Rugby with him in college and who's Uncle had written him a letter of recommendation for Villa Nova. The entire energy of the table had changed. I had only eaten my salad.

For the longest time I felt that sales and marketing were bad words that I, the clinician, wanted no part of. I'm not sure where it started. Perhaps in a medical family who didn't understand "business", regardless I never took the time to really examine how the business of every thing and people fit together. In fact it came much later as a real epiphany that all it really was, if we came from a place of high intent --was....relationships.

I was privileged to hear recently from a great guy and top sales trainer,Greg Winston. He framed it perfectly. The Japanese have a term "Giri". It means simply, "Return the favor." The American version could be "The Kevin Bacon Game". Basically, in sales and marketing activities, Greg states that "Giri is the cure for the common cold call and cold contact." Giri works in business and of course life in this way:

Say for example, you are "A", Physical Therapy Clinic. The Nurse Practitioner for Dr.Great Potential Referrals is "B", and your daughter's basketball coach is "C". Through your own natural building of the relationship with your daughter's coach you find out that "C" is the Medical Supply Vendor and friend of "B". You "A" approach the Coach with whom you have that relationship to call "B" for you for an introduction. "C" will talk to "B" for you... then when this happens "C" will call you to let you know that the conversation has taken place. You are then free to make contact with "B"...and the sooner the better. But something has significantly changed in your favor. The rapport between "C" and "B" will actually be transferred into YOUR conversation. It is the psychology of state... I know who you know. Back to the wedding reception.

You will get back with "C" and return the favor to them in some way. An act of kindness returned.

Think about your current situation. There are plenty of "C's" out there; Who are they?
List out 6 referral sources/case managers/hospital administrators/businesses that you want to be working with. Now really focus on finding at least 2 people that know these 6. Use the system to approach them.

Of course it goes without saying that word of mouth in healthcare is what works. But this is expanding your influence very quickly in what is really a very small world. So small that my husband worked with Kevin Bacon's sister, really.

Thanks for checking in and sharing any Giri stories that may help other readers.

SJBird55 -> Re: Giri??? (January 12, 2006 6:14:00 AM)

Carroll, I tried that exact same thing right here! It didn't work :( ... I'm "A", you guys are all "C" and George Clooney is "B."

cnelligan -> Re: Giri??? (January 12, 2006 4:51:00 PM)

But now there are over 6,000 "C"'s...

SJBird55 -> Re: Giri??? (January 12, 2006 6:48:00 PM)

Is there any "C" out there that knows George Clooney? I'd like to use him for a fundraising idea and raffle him off to walk 2-4 laps around a track... Any of you 6,000 happen to have THE George Clooney connection, I'm tellin' you, I'd LOVE to have you step up, forewarn him, and then tell me how to reach him!

hmgross -> Re: Giri??? (January 12, 2006 7:26:00 PM)

A close friend of mine was the manager of the catering company for Brad Pitt's wedding, and Brad Pitt starred with George Clooney in Ocean's Eleven. Not that it will get you the "connection" you wanted--can anyone out there get closer?
My dad seems to unintentionally play this game every time he goes for his walk in the mall. He strikes up a conversation with a stranger and later tells me "I ran into someone else who was a patient of yours" and then tells them about my new private practice. Thanks Dad!

FLAOrthoPT -> Re: Giri??? (January 12, 2006 10:21:00 PM)

you guys are too cute

i bent my wookie

SJBird55 -> Re: Giri??? (January 13, 2006 6:50:00 AM)

Obviously, Ben, you feel left out 'cause you can't be my "C"! LMAO

Well, Holly, I believe you've got a real potential link that just might lead to a potential person being raffled off... If you'd like, you could talk to your close friend, see what your friend thinks... The event is the American Cancer Society Relay For Life - May 20th in MI. According to tabloids Brad is a bit busy building a family? I'd doubt if he is available. If George is going to be in Italy, then he's wouldn't be available... what's Matt Damon up to?

Holly, you gotta love your dad!

cnelligan -> Re: Giri??? (January 13, 2006 11:59:00 AM)

Great idea. Non-commissioned sales directors in the family. Hmmmm... Thanks for sharing. Really he has the right idea. Everything we do and say with the people we come in contact with has an outcome. Why not have it be to fill your practice? Have a great weekend.

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