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Alex Brenner PT MPT OCS -> Locking shoulder (December 22, 2005 5:22:00 PM)

Pnt states "feels like something is in there". What are the findings?


Happy Holidays everyone!

Dr.Wagner -> Re: Locking shoulder (December 22, 2005 7:11:00 PM)

Thats pretty funny!

connie.pt -> Re: Locking shoulder (December 22, 2005 8:08:00 PM)

Too easy Alex, of course this is a case of SAS: sub acromial santa!
Merry Christmas to all!

jma -> Re: Locking shoulder (December 22, 2005 9:19:00 PM)

Good one Alex! Happy Holidays!

Synergy -> Re: Locking shoulder (December 22, 2005 10:27:00 PM)

ROFL Alex! Shouldn't we get Santa out of there STAT so that he can deliver presents? :)

Merry CHRISTmas everyone!

Sebastian Asselbergs -> Re: Locking shoulder (December 23, 2005 5:13:00 AM)

Is that a SLAP lesion? Santa's LAP?
Merry christmas all!

SJBird55 -> Re: Locking shoulder (December 23, 2005 6:09:00 AM)

Someone needs to get this patient into surgery and have a Santa-otomy done pronto! What am I going to tell my kids on Sunday??? Santa's stuck in a soldier's shoulder?

hmgross -> Re: Locking shoulder (December 27, 2005 4:32:00 PM)

SJ--repeat your last sentence really fast 5 times! I assume Santa got outta there cuz he was pretty good to my family this year. I was too busy to wish everyone a merry christmas, but here is to a happy and healthy 2006.

fapt -> Re: Locking shoulder (December 28, 2005 12:54:00 PM)

It is funny.
Is the Santa living there?

MPT -> Re: Locking shoulder (December 29, 2005 10:48:00 AM)

This x-ray looks normal to me!

Sean Weatherston -> Re: Locking shoulder (December 30, 2005 9:51:00 AM)

Does the pain disappear after Christmas? Follow up x-rays maybe needed I think.

What kind of surgical intervention can get the little guy outta there?

An acromi-ho-ho-ho plasty?

Shill -> Re: Locking shoulder (January 5, 2006 6:09:00 AM)

Thanks for not showing us where the reindeer are.

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